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A special xmas tree is an xmas one that lives in a tropical country yet could appear as if it is being among a temperate one.

What make a temperate winter differ from a tropical winter ? Cold & quiet, absolutely. So, to make up a winter atmosphere in the middle of a wet and hot country, I filtered out all the sounds and noises by closing the door and all the windows of our studio. And to make it feel really cold, i put the tree very near a white refridgerator.

That's it. Let look at these pictures. Quiet & cold :) As if the tree has just walked out and stayed in just front of a pine forest while white snowflakes were gently falling.

As we ever known, sounds do not have any shape nor color themselves. So, scientifically, they could not be captured by any kind of camera, could they ? However, base on my above experience & experiment, i have no longer thought so... :) Merry Xmas !

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