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Today I tried to make professional Italian espresso with the new stove Moka Express made by Bialetti. The stove was ordered from Amazon site and delivered to door in USA, then brought back to Vietnam by our studio's next-door lovely couple who've just had a 2-week vacation there this October. The coffee name Mê Trang is also the new brand to us, yes, to us, not to town. Since it's had a lovely name, we decided to give it a try. And since Arabica coffee has typically contained half the caffeine of the Robusta variety, we chose the package type of 100% Arabica grounded beans. It absolutely helps keep us from having our heart rate raised. You may want to know what the difference between making espresso by this stove and by a French filter is ? Uhm, the former produces a rich, authentic espresso in just minutes and diffuses heat perfectly to enhance the aroma of our coffee. Just that simple. But, could make our day :)

Our Moka stove is a 3-cup one. You may wonder why the espresso in the cup seems quite less ? Yeah your wonder is right. It is because half of them was in the other cup to cúng ông Địa :) And one more thing, the cup is a promotional gift of the Mê Trang brand :)


Pix are taken with Fuji-XT1 35mm and under ambient light.

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