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Classic, chic, charming, elegant, romantic, beautiful, out standing, & culturally based... are all the adjectives i could dig out of my English vocabulary to draw a sketch of Paris & its belongings. If i had a better English, that list of adjectives would've been endless... I took these pictures when i were in Paris in May of 2015. The winter had totally gone for its own vacation, left the city behind with people full of the street cafés peacefully breathing in & out the spring in the air. Unlike bad claims about Parisian, i met so many people who were very warm & polite during my short visit. They kindly showed me in details the way home or to destinations, and some of them even brought me right to the places i asked, as if i would be surely lost if they had not done that. And..., have you ever heard of this song ? "Every time I touched you,

I could taste a breath of spring.

April in Paris is every lover's dream.

Every time I'd call your name,

it would sound so much in tune,

just like Notre Dame Cathedral at high noon.

First time I saw Paris in your eyes,

you told me how you loved me.

Under blue Picasso skies,

we spoke of Michelangelo

and we solved each others' lives.

The first time I saw Paris in your eyes..."

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