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There was a rehearsal taking place at the Nguyen Hue Square for the Vietnamese Áo Dài Festival event which would be happening on the next day. It stopped the flow of the traffic, since many drivers were curious for what was occurring inside the fences.

The sunshines were turning more charming, dyeing every creation underneath with their fanciful sparkling golden. At the other street corner, a few workers of an agency were trying their best to install the artificial cherry outside its office for attracting tourists to the coming blossom season in Japan.

Soon, the night had fallen. The city lighted itself up & the life at its heart had become more crowded & bustling with groups, couples &, of course, singles. The joyfully & merrily sounds from a music band on the stage at the middle of the Square was fulfilling the lively night.

At the steps of a small shopping plaza, lonely sit a young guy playing game on his phone. Was he waiting there for some lovely girl who was riding all the way from somewhere in this city to come for their dating ?

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