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It's an 8-year-old Christmas tree. Every early of December, my Daddy asks our gardener or our driver to assemble it from parts and i am the one who hang sparkling ornaments on, sometime with the help of my nieces & nephews, sometime with a close friend of mine. You actually can make it on your own, but the more people the funnier the job is; and, moreover, a Christmas tree should be created with the atmosphere of laugh & love. Ornaments that were broken during the time in storage will be replaced by the new ones, with different shaped ones. Therefore, the tree always looks unlike the previous Decembers. In other words, it always has the new and fresh breath. This year, our tree does not have the big star on its top. The star did not break, it just lost to somewhere out of the storage and we have not found it out yet. We went all the way from district 7 to a few gift shops in downtown looking for a new one to replace the lost one, but not any star can either be pleasant to our eyes or fit our tree. At the end, we have decided that it even looks more beautiful & more original and the Christ surely knows the way to come, without the top star. And we all have felt satisfied with the result.

I especially like the lightings. It is always more than a magic seeing the tiny-bulb lighting chains smoothly sparkle from this color to that color in different ways on the tree like the stars in the sky high above, where me of the childhood believing the angels living at. And everytime the Jingle Bells song have been sung from any radio or cassette, that me of mine still believes the Santa Claus is really coming to town ... Merry Christmas & Happy New Year <3 ...... Taken with a Fuji X100s & ambient lights.

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