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My motherland is Phan Thiet. Phan Thiet is a very nice & peaceful & sunny central coastal city located about 200km or so from the North of Saigon, Vietnam. Every city has its own soul, which is made with its people & its food, to make itself different from the others.

The rough weather of Phan Thiet shapes its people thin & tall in physic, and the sea waves those move every single moment in front of the city made them nice, generous & easy-going in mental than the others' ever. And those amazing Phan Thiet people have made a very special & tasty food that called bánh căn. Bánh căn is made by rice flour. The flour together with water, after being blended by hands, make a condensed liquid; and after being poured into the cake molds of a terracota pot, under high fire, the liquid turns into bánh căn. Bánh căn has been originally served with braised mackerel fish; nowaday, we have the other choice, pork meatballs. Both are tasty & yummy ! Every time putting a piece of this cake into my mouth, I always imagine of my Mom of so many decades ago when she was a beautiful young girl sitting front top a full plate of bánh căn, admiredly enjoying them, & enjoying her youth...

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