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For sure, i'm not talking about the so-called national dish named Pho which has been talked a lot on media. I'm just showing you the kindest pho guy i've ever met.

It was the first pho meal after 9 days of Tet holidays. He caught my eyes by his good-looking & charming, standing by the big pot doing his job. I asked if i could take some photos, then he replied with a yes & a very friendly smile, & quitely going on making pho for guests.

At the end of the meal, i took out my lips stick from the tote to re-makeup my mouth ahihi, and carelessly dropped it on the dirty floor. I asked him for a tissue. He said yes & tore off a wet tissue pack, giving it to me by his two hands, way too polite & gentle :D

His small pho restaurant, which locates on a big yet quite quiet street, is always crowded, maybe because of his pho is quite delicious, or either because of his charming & gentle.

At the time we leaving, he stood in front of the door buying bo pia from a street hawker, looking at me & gave me a goodbye gesture with a handsome smile.

We drove to the pharmacy at the opposite street side, no, no, not any of us got diarrhea after the meal, we got there just to find some vaseline ahihi. Viewed from far distance, the restaurant looks peaceful & warm with guests sitting around the smoky big pot and its sweet chef, as sometime seen in the good old days. :)

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