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Chang the stylist showed Dustin some posing styles of the same-age boys that she collected from internet in order to bring him some inspiration. Dustin gave them a look for less than 15 seconds, then said: oh it's hard, cannot i make it my style ? And he make it himself, really, posing as if he had been being a professional model of some certain world famous fashion magazines for long time. Dustin is 5 years old, from Canada. He has been being in VN till the mid of March for vacation. Dustin is humorous, ingressive, easy-going, very smart and wanna become a supermarket owner when growing up. Some admited that Dustin had the same character figures with Obama when he was a boy. And look, do you see Obama at that age also looked as exactly as Dustin at this age ? Hey, will Canada ever have a president in future ?

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