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It was raining cats and dogs at late afternoon. The raindrops were so heavy, and the wind outside blew the raindrops against the glass windows of the car, blurring the bell towers of the Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral, blurring things all on its way.

As usual, the rain caused a traffic jam. To kill the time, the driver turned on the radio, then came a melody floating out from the car speaker. The melody was charming and the sweet singing voice easily reminded anybody of their own youth and love that some time in life had passed by. I didnot know that song nor the singer. My friend also didnot. And so did my driver. So that we were trying our best to research it from the google with the most impressive sentence that repeated many times, but failed. At the end, together with the flow of traffic outside the car, that only lyric was totally gone. It seemed we were too old to remember something longer than it really needed.

The song disappeared, the melody vanished, into thin air. As if those passing moments had just been an illusion in a rainy evening, of 3 of us.

A man with a white umbrella walking on Dong Khoi street.

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